B2B Saas Product Marketing Consultant

I am a Saas marketing consultant based in Adelaide, Australia. I have more than a decade of experience building a B2B Saas company and driving its product marketing, strategy and branding.

I started my first Saas software startup in 2009, Simplify360. It took us years to get our first paid customer and increase the revenue from 0 to 1M ARR+. As a saas marketing consultant, it is my aim to bring those experiences to my clients and help them move towards growth.

Some of my key learnings to grow B2B Saas startups include:

  • Having a clear understanding of your market
  • Aligning your product to market problems and challenges
  • Having a clear messaging and positioning strategy
  • Focusing on a solution rather than features
  • Importance of thought leadership in your content marketing
  • Setting up a disciplined sales structure and team communication
  • Building an innovative and creative company culture

My strategy is to combine sales-focused design and marketing activities to take your saas startup into a growth mode and improve:

  • Customer acquisition and onboarding
    • The time between a customer signing up for a demo to effectively using the tool is the most crucial aspect of your business. If your Saas business fails to deliver on the promises you made with your marketing or sales activities, this stage will determine your brand and product experience.
  • Improve inbound and outbound marketing
    • Inbound and outbound marketing is all about setting up an effective process which is regularly optimised with new learnings and market feedback. The success of this process is dependent on the successful implementation of feedbacks and measuring correct metrics.
  • Content-driven SEO strategy and lead generation
    • Content strategy is not for everyone. You need to have a mentality of that of a media publishing house. Understanding your audience, their pain points and challenges is key to creating a successful content strategy. You may need to keep crunching out content till you discover your content strategy, then focus on it.
  • CRM and automation setup
    • Saas marketing isn’t complete without the use of marketing and sales automation and CRM tools. But before you do that you need to know what works and what doesn’t. First, get success with one strategy then use the tool to automate it.
  • Messaging/Positioning Strategy with Content + Web design
    • Don’t ignore the power of messaging and design. This is the key to driving all the above-mentioned activities. Don’t invest in design unless you know what you want to communicate. Many businesses make a mistake of designing a website first and then plan the content. You should begin with content before you invest in designing. Use all the time you have to experiment with your messaging on your website before you know what gets to your customer.

If you would like to chat and discuss your saas marketing challenges, feel free to contact me.

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