Saas Marketing Consultant?

I am a Saas marketing consultant based in Adelaide, Australia. I have more than a decade of experience building a B2B Saas company and driving its product marketing, strategy and branding.

Building a Saas business is one of the coolest things you can be doing today. Every year, a new Saas startup with great product offerings disrupt the market.

However, cracking a Saas business isn’t easy. Having a great product isn’t enough. You need to create a successful sales and marketing plan to grow your sales.

I started my first Saas software startup in 2009, Simplify360. It took us years to get our first paid customer and increase the revenue % of product subscription over the years. There are many elements that go into making your Saas business successful.

The key to success is understanding the market for your Saas product and figuring out a way to position yourself. This requires carrying out detailed market research and communication strategy. This is followed by planning your website(UX), lead generation and content marketing strategy.

If you would like to chat and discuss your saas marketing challenges, feel free to contact me. We can get on skype and discuss your marketing plan.